Loving Our Enemies

In Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 5:43-48), our LORD Jesus tells us to love our enemies and pray for those people who persecute us. I can think of few things harder to do than to genuinely love one’s enemies. But in the world today, where we often see darkness surrounding us; Jesus’ words provide the light for the only way for us to move forward. Rather than just loving those who love us, Jesus tells us to love those who hate us. It is interesting to see the reason Jesus gives for loving our enemies. It is so that we may be children of our Father in heaven. We are called to follow the perfect example of our Heavenly Father in loving enemies. The Father lovingly sends rain and makes the sun rise over both just and unjust people. The Father sent Jesus to die and rise, while we were still dead in sin, to reconcile us to Himself. In the same way we are called to show love to our enemies. Loving people who hate you is a central part of being a follower of Jesus, because it is that very love given by the Father that enabled us to become followers of Jesus in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Loving Our Enemies

  1. I will love my enemy enough to share the Gospel with them, but the Bible also tells us not to stand nor sit with them. Sorry, no refugees in MY home!


    1. Dear Annie,
      I’m Jared and I wrote this article on loving our enemies. In order to clarify my understanding of your statement, I wanted to ask if you could please point me to the Bible passages you’re referring to that ‘tell us not to stand nor sit with them.’


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